Soak up the Sun
Get that sun tan you always dreamed of! (Dont forget that suntan lotion!)
Gotta catch em all
Explore the tropical marine life. Coral, Fish, seaweed, turtles and more!
  1. Mamanuca Islands
    Mamanuca Islands
    Cruise past the many islands and resorts within the Mamanuca group. Experience the real Hidden Paradise of Fiji
  2. Cloud 9
    Cloud 9
    Visit the ever popular Cloud 9 establishment. Bookings need to be pre-booked directly with Cloud 9
  3. Sand Bar Adventures
    Sand Bar Adventures
    Visit one of many sand bars and begin your sandbar adventure. Snorkeling, Marine Life and Dolphins are a common sight!
  4. Outdoor Recreation
    Outdoor Recreation
    Capture the moment as well as the imagination on Making Memories. Enjoy the pristine surroundings, splash in the Pacific Ocean, or spend your day being pampered onboard.